Do You Need Help Running Your Organization?

Does your youth organization need help? Does your board of directors need advice on the best and most efficient ways to reach your goals? Is your organization lacking a plan for development and a direction?

KGS is your solution.

Our extensive experience working with your sports organizations and their boards of directors has given us the expertise needed to help YOU!


The Problem

Most youth sports organizations are non-profit volunteer run organizations.  The main problem that exists is that the business of the organization always comes in second place on the priority list.  Volunteers have to take care of their day job first and many times this causes the business of the organization to be run in an inefficient manner.

The Solution

KGS assigns a dedicated rep to your organization who is on-call 24/7 to help manage all aspects of your business.  Whether it be scheduling, communication, financial planning and management, staffing, or more, KGS is there to make sure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.




KGS provides multiple options for pricing depending on the services your organization requires. From monthly recurring plans to annual plans, KGS will work with you to make sure that our services are affordable.